Should you be insuring your managers?

Just like all other employees, your manager, director, and CEO can make mistakes. They’re regularly responsible for decisions that are both tough and complex. And, no matter how careful they are or how strong their business acumen is, sometimes things just go south. In this article, we take a look at how to protect your […]

How to spot insurance risks you didn’t know you had

  Business insurance protects you from unforeseen disasters and losses that uninsured, you would not be able to financially recover from. However, many Australian businesses may be underinsured and therefore lacking adequate protection. Running a business has inherent risks and unless you work in the insurance industry, there are probably a range of risks you’re […]

What is industry-specific insurance, and why does it matter?

Choosing a ‘one size fits all’ insurance policy for your business is a risky decision. What if your business has unique and complex risk management needs that other ‘less complex’ companies don’t have? To avoid perilous gaps in your insurance policy, it’s a good idea to investigate what risks a company in your industry is […]

Shopping for an Insurance Provider

Shopping for an insurance provider can be a time-consuming and complicated task.  How do you determine which provider will give you the most value for your money? What’s the difference between a broker and an online provider? And what’s an industry specific insurer? In this article, we take a look at how to shop for […]

Finding the Right Insurance Policy for your Business

  Choosing an insurance policy for your business can be a time-consuming and exhausting task. There are hundreds of different policies available and each one has different terms, conditions, and legal jargon. Without the right experience and understanding of the insurance industry, how do you determine which policy will give you the most value for […]

4 Reasons To Choose an Insurance Broker

  Do you have a business looking to get insurance? With multiple online insurance companies offering various policies it makes sense just to do it yourself online right? Not exactly. We uncover four reasons to choose an insurance broker over online self-service insurance solutions. An insurance broker can save you time, money and stress. Just […]

Home and Contents Sum Insured Calculators

Home and Contents Sum Insured Calculators Most insurance policies pay a policyholder (or carry out the works) up to a set financial limit following an insured event. This is called the sum-insured and represents the maximum value of your policy. Choosing the right sum-insured for your property and contents is important. Should the worst happen […]

Boat Repairers – Don’t get sunk with the wrong insurance

  Being as diverse as it is, the marine industry often faces challenges in obtaining the right coverage for asset and legal liability protection. Whatever your role in the industry, having a personally tailored cover will make a world of difference if something should go wrong. Our team of professionals at Allsafe will take the […]

Travel Much? Corporate Travel Insurance Offers Your More!

Attention business owners! Did you know that as a director of a registered business entity, a corporate travel policy is valid for both your business and your leisure travel? The cover can also include additional business executives and other employees on the move. While many entry-level travel insurance policies contain various exclusions that can leave […]

The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance part 1 – Allsafe Insurance

Managing Risk = Managing Costs The insurance industry generally considers cabinet maker workshops to be a relatively high fire risk by industry standards. When insurers assess the costs of property and business interruption insurance for cabinet makers they are particularly interested in assessing the “housekeeping” procedures including dust management/extraction, fire protection, managements attitudes and pro-activeness […]

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