The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance part 4 – Allsafe Insurance

Injury to Subcontractors or Labour Hire Insurance companies are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of Workcover/Workers Compensation recoveries being made against “Principals” who engage subcontractors or labour hire personnel to perform work on their behalf. Public product liability insurers face escalating claims costs from Workcover/Workers Compensation insurers who are seeking to recover their claims […]

The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance part 3 – Allsafe Insurance

  Liability Issues – Subcontractors Many businesses these days are looking for a more flexible workforce so it is easier to adapt to the ever changing economic environment. Consequently, subcontracted labour has become a popular tool to manage this labour dilemma. When purchasing public products liability it is important that both the “principal” and the […]

The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance part 2 – Allsafe Insurance

  Prioritise Your Protection Insurance can be a significant cost for most cabinet makers. It is therefore important that you consider prioritising your insurance spend on a “must have basis”. What I mean by this is that you should consider the type of events or losses you could afford to cover yourself based on your […]

Travel Much? Corporate Travel Insurance Offers Your More!

Attention business owners! Did you know that as a director of a registered business entity, a corporate travel policy is valid for both your business and your leisure travel? The cover can also include additional business executives and other employees on the move. While many entry-level travel insurance policies contain various exclusions that can leave […]

The issues for Cabinet Makers Insurance part 1 – Allsafe Insurance

Managing Risk = Managing Costs The insurance industry generally considers cabinet maker workshops to be a relatively high fire risk by industry standards. When insurers assess the costs of property and business interruption insurance for cabinet makers they are particularly interested in assessing the “housekeeping” procedures including dust management/extraction, fire protection, managements attitudes and pro-activeness […]

Trade Credit Insurance for SMEs from Allsafe Insurance

Trade credit insurance protects your business against unpaid credit debts and customer insolvency. In this article, we take a look at Fire Plus, a genuine SME, and discuss what happened to them when they were hit with an unexpected loss of $200,000! Fire Plus provides a significant line of credit to some of its key […]

Closing your business? Cancelling the insurance? Be aware and get advice!!

The business has closed, it’s no longer trading, no more parts or products being manufactured or imported. No more installations or maintenance. No goods for sale. So, time for retirement or a change in direction. We just need to cancel the insurance. Well, not exactly. There is an element of insurance risk for a business […]

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