Meet Shane

Take a minute to get to know Shane Riordan, one of our talented Insurance Brokers here at Allsafe. Not only is he a master at tailoring insurance programs to your individual needs, but he will also be there to go to bat for you when you need to make a claim. Get in touch today […]

Pandemic Insurance – The Next Big Thing?

In the past, pandemic insurance has been uncommon due to the fact that most business owners deemed it to be a high-cost expense for something that seemed unlikely to happen. Well, now the very scenario that seemed so unlikely has happened and attitudes are quickly shifting.

Managing the workplace in face of the outbreak

The impact of COVID-19 on Australia and the resulting impacts on Australian businesses and their operations is unprecedented. The Australian Government on the advice of health officials has implemented significant changes to ordinary life in order to try to stay ahead of the curve and as a result for many employers, decisions made now are […]

Workplace Stretches To Increase Efficiency, Happiness, and Health

It can be hard to achieve the same level of productivity and efficiency when you’re trying to recreate your office environment at home. Here at Allsafe, we have put together our top tips for workplace stretches, no matter where that workspace might be right now.

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Our Top Tips on Staying in Business for the Long Haul

No matter what industry you’re in or where your business operates, all business owners share a common goal: longevity. The whole idea of running a business is that it’s successful and sustainable so obviously, business owners are counting on a long term future for their organisation. However, a lot of businesses simply don’t survive in […]

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4 Surprising Things Your Business Insurance Might Cover

When researching options for insuring a small business, most business owners tend to only consider the obvious factors like building, contents and business products. However, there are other risks associated with running a business, which may not immediately spring to mind, that can pose just as much, if not more, damage. Below we’ve explained 4 […]

What You Can do Now to Safeguard Your Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting businesses all over Australia and the entire globe, many organisations are taking a massive hit right now. Whether that hit has been operational, financial, or both, as a business owner you’re likely to be feeling unsettled right now.  However, panicking will get you nowhere. You know what will get you […]

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The 4 Biggest Trends in Insurance in 2020

In recent years the landscape of the insurance industry has been constantly shifting and evolving. At Allsafe, we’re willing to bet this progress is about to gain huge momentum in 2020. We’re all for change, especially when it’s for the better, so we’re very excited about some of the trends that are merging across the […]

Impacts of COVID-19 on Businesses in Australia – 2020

See the second edition report on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Australia, produced by St. George Economics, on April 7, 2020 OVERVIEW The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today released the results of the second edition of a survey highlighting the prevalence and nature of adverse impacts from COVID-19 experienced by businesses in […]

‘Stay Smart Online’ warning, widespread reports of malicious scams

‘Stay Smart Online’ warning – Web Conferencing – widespread reports of further COVID-19 malicious scams being sent to Australians On 02/04/20, ‘Stay Smart Online – An Australian Government Initiative’ sent the below communication. We are re-publishing it here as it is relevant to individuals and SME businesses. Being aware of current cyber risks is one […]

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