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Why Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

    Technology in the 21st century has opened up many possibilities for streamlining greater efficiency, production and processes for businesses. However, with our rapid transition into the digital world, comes a greater risk of cyber breaches. So let’s discuss the importance of cyber insurance and its advantages. A 2019 AusCERT Cyber Security Survey showed […]

5 Undeniable benefits of using an insurance broker

When it comes to insurance matters, we are almost spoilt for choice these days. You can purchase directly from an insurance company or agent; online through an association or group company; or you can go through a professionally qualified insurance broker. Making the right choice for your business will obviously rely on your individual needs, […]

The Basics Of Business Insurance

Whether your business is small, medium or large, insurance is vital to its livelihood. We’ve put together a quick guide to the basic types of insurance you should have in place for your business. The good news while these fall into the ‘good to know’ knowledge category, if you have a good insurance broker working […]

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

GPS tracking devices can be a great fleet management tool to help clients manage risk and ultimately reduce their insurance costs. GPS tracking allows you to monitor and manage driver behaviours through an intuitive and modern software program. It can also assist with providing a safer work environment for employees, whilst minimising the risk of […]

New Years Resolutions to Make you Feel Inspired

Every year most of us make the same kind of new years resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, etc. The problem with these kinds of resolutions is that they’re vague, uninspired and to be honest, a bit overdone. Instead, we’ve decided to have a look at those things which inspire us to become […]

Advice on Stress From the World’s Most Successful Business People

Stress gets a bad rap these days, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Our brains need a certain level of anxiety to take action. Otherwise, we’d all be sitting around lethargically doing nothing. Moderate levels of stress generated by a looming deadline or important business meeting can help us to work at peak performance. […]

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Have You Combined Personal & Business Travel Insurance Together?

As a business owner or executive, were you aware that rather than having to organise a Travel Insurance policy for every trip you take, that there is actually an annual product you can buy that can cover all of your personal leisure and business travel insurance needs? What if we told you we could extend […]

5 Way Experienced Business Owners Destress From Work

As a business owner you probably work long hours, or on weekends, so it’s important to take time out to reboot your life, destress, and get a new perspective on your goals. Here are some suggestions on how you can take a well deserved long weekend or dial down your workload to take a holiday […]

Selling goods on credit: Will it help your business grow?

Many people are under the impression that selling goods on credit is a double-edged sword, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can enjoy the benefits of watching your business grow by offering your customers credit while resting assured that risk of late or unpaid debts won’t negatively impact your business. Read on […]

Easily compare business insurance

Compare business insurance the easy way

As the manager of a business, you’ve got enough on your hands without having to spend endless hours pouring over insurance paperwork. Not to mention the time spent on the phone, on hold, attempting to make an urgent claim. You need someone who you can trust to do this for you. Someone knowledgeable about the […]

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