The Government’s Second Round of Stimulus: A Summary

The term ‘stimulus package’ essentially refers to the act of a government injecting money into the economy by directly giving businesses and certain individuals money in order to prevent or minimise an economic recession. The second stimulus package of $66.1 billion announced by Scott Morrison on the 22nd of March will go a long way […]

COVID-19 & Insurance: FAQs

In March 2020 the COVID-19 outbreak was declared as both a global pandemic and an insurance catastrophe by the Insurance Council of Australia. The question at the forefront of everyone’s mind, including business owners across not only the nation but the entire globe right now is, ‘will my insurance cover me for any loss incurred […]

7 Ways your Small Business can go Paperless

When it comes to running a small business, going paperless can be beneficial in many ways from becoming more eco-friendly to helping you save money and most importantly, increased document and data security. We have reaped a lot of benefits by moving towards paperless ourselves at Allsafe Insurance Brokers so we decided to share the […]

business interruption insurance, business insurance, what is business interruption insurance

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

  One of the most frightening things about running a business is the ‘great unknown’. How would your business survive an unexpected loss or an unforeseen closure? How would you pay for the repair or replacement of expensive assets without a steady flow of customers? Depending on the event that occurs, your business could be […]

trade credit insurance, business insurance, insurance brokers

Trade Credit Insurance for SMEs from Allsafe Insurance

Trade credit insurance protects your business against unpaid credit debts and customer insolvency. In this article, we take a look at Fire Plus, a genuine SME, and discuss what happened to them when they were hit with an unexpected loss of $200,000! Fire Plus provides a significant line of credit to some of its key […]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Small Business Online

A lack of cybersecurity in your small business can have a seriously damaging impact on you, your business, staff and your customers so it’s vital you educate yourself on keeping your business safe online and making sure you stay up to date with the latest technologies and methods of defence. Below are 5 of the […]

Benefits of Insurance Brokers for Small Businesses

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of unexpected unknowns and an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made- that’s simply the way business works. And while sometimes you just have to sweat it out and put in the hard yards, navigating a minefield of insurance companies and options isn’t one […]

closign business, cancelling insurance, insurance risk, insurance brokers

Closing your business? Cancelling the insurance? Be aware and get advice!!

The business has closed, it’s no longer trading, no more parts or products being manufactured or imported. No more installations or maintenance. No goods for sale. So, time for retirement or a change in direction. We just need to cancel the insurance. Well, not exactly. There is an element of insurance risk for a business […]

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Two Simple Reasons Cheap Insurance can Leave you Underinsured

  Choosing insurance that is right for you can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Online insurance policies have taken this perception and marketed it to their advantage. As a result, consumers now perceive online insurance policies as easier, cheaper and generally hassle free. In some ways these perceptions might be correct, however in others […]

cyber insurance, business insurance, cyberattacks

Why Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

    Technology in the 21st century has opened up many possibilities for streamlining greater efficiency, production and processes for businesses. However, with our rapid transition into the digital world, comes a greater risk of cyber breaches. So let’s discuss the importance of cyber insurance and its advantages. A 2019 AusCERT Cyber Security Survey showed […]

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