Making a Claim on Your Insurance is Easier With a Broker

Insurance is incredibly useful to have in place as it protects your home or business from loss; whether it’s theft, natural disaster, machinery breakdown or any other interruption to your life. But when you do make a claim to an insurance company it isn’t always straightforward. There’s paperwork to collect, forms to fill in and […]

Selling goods on credit: Will it help your business grow?

Many people are under the impression that selling goods on credit is a double-edged sword, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can enjoy the benefits of watching your business grow by offering your customers credit while resting assured that risk of late or unpaid debts won’t negatively impact your business. Read on […]

The key to business growth: Risk Management

Knowing how to manage risk is a vital part of growing your business. There are three areas where risk is most prominent for small to medium enterprises (also known as SMEs) – fraud, human capital and cyber. We take a closer look at these issues, including how they could be putting your business at risk […]

Dealing with stress as a business owner

If you own a business, stress will come with the territory, especially if you have a small team of staff. You may need to juggle many tasks and work long days just to get things done. This can all amount to not looking after yourself as well as you should and can take a toll […]

How to make a workplace happier for your staff

  It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of your business and forget about your staff and their wellbeing. But if your staff are happy in their work then this is a large part of what makes a successful business. Taking the time to hire the right people and create the kind […]

Make your home the safest workplace ever

If you employ a cleaner, gardener, in-home carer, nanny, or even the occasional babysitter, it’s important that they are covered for any injuries. Especially any that could occur in your home while they’re working for you. Likewise, it is important that you – as the employer and inhabitant of your private domestic dwelling – are […]

The best cloud based software for your business in 2017

Cloud-based software has dramatically changed communication and file sharing within the office environment. It is easily accessible anywhere, anytime, and allows group projects to run smoother and more efficiently. Here are our top picks of cloud-based software for your business in 2017. Google Apps If you work extensively with copy in your business, Google Docs […]

Do you employ help around your home? Insurance is compulsory

Do you employ a cleaner or a gardener for your private dwelling? Did you know that you could be held liable for them injuring themselves while working at your home? Household Workers’ Insurance is a policy you should have in place for any workers who carry out services related to your domestic home. Without it, […]

What the insurance broker code of conduct means for customers

The insurance broker code of conduct is an agreement set out by the National Insurance Brokers Association which focuses on the service standards of brokers. It aims to provide a minimum level of practice for clients to expect, outlining how complaints and reviews can be addressed by clients and how the broker will resolve them. […]

5 Undeniable benefits of using an insurance broker

When it comes to insurance matters, we are almost spoilt for choice these days. You can purchase directly from an insurance company or agent; online through an association or group company; or you can go through a professionally qualified insurance broker. Making the right choice for your business will obviously rely on your individual needs, […]

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