Making a Claim on Your Insurance is Easier With a Broker

Insurance is incredibly useful to have in place as it protects your home or business from loss; whether it’s theft, natural disaster, a machinery breakdown or any other interruption to your life. However, when you do have to make a claim from an insurance company, it isn’t always straightforward. There’s paperwork to collect, forms to fill in and possible disagreements to sort out. If you’re trying to run a business, this is a hassle that you definitely don’t need! Find out why making a claim on your insurance is a lot easier with a broker.

How Can A Broker Help?

The purpose of a professionally qualified Insurance Broker (not to be confused with insurance agents who work for the insurance companies!) is to advocate for you in all matters when dealing with insurers, but most importantly when it comes time to make a claim on your insurance. The broker’s role at this time is to ensure that all the necessary information required by the insurer to lodge the claim is collected as efficiently as possible and then to follow the claim’s progress to the conclusion, again acting as the lynchpin between the insurer and the client and ensuring the process flows as efficiently as possible.

Insurance claims aren’t always simple; in fact, many insurance claims can be extremely complex. But because the broker has familiarity with the system and the insurance company, they can expertly manage any claim they take on and any disputes that may arise. They’re skilled in getting claims processed painlessly and paid quickly. This means that you don’t have to waste time, energy and money chasing up insurance companies to hurry things along.

Using an insurance broker means peace of mind. They can make things a lot less stressful for all parties involved and take care of all the ins and outs of getting the claims process underway. Brokers know the system inside and out and specialise in making sure you receive every last cent that you’re entitled to.

Benefits of Using a Broker

Enlisting the services of a broker when you set up your insurance could be the best move you make. Here are the main benefits you’ll receive from using a broker:

  • Brokers work with you for the long-term, they don’t just take your money and run.
  • Unlike an insurance agent, a professionally qualified Insurance Broker works for you and remains as your advocate in all dealings with the insurance companies.
  • They understand the claims process so it’s faster and more efficient for you to get what you’re entitled to, so you can get back to work faster.
  • They speak the same language as the insurance company so they can make sure you understand what you need to do.
  • They take the pressure off so you can focus on getting back on your feet.
  • They can advise you on whether you need to update or change your insurance policy.
  • They can give you advice on ways to minimise your losses in the future.

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