What You Can do Now to Safeguard Your Business

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With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting businesses all over Australia and the entire globe, many organisations are taking a massive hit right now. Whether that hit has been operational, financial, or both, as a business owner you’re likely to be feeling unsettled right now. 

However, panicking will get you nowhere. You know what will get you somewhere? Being proactive and making a plan. Now is the time to think rationally and consider the logistics. Below are 6 factors that should be included in your COVID-19 business plan:

Implement a ‘Work From Home’ Policy

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If at all possible, you should be enforcing a work from home policy right now for your employees. A lot of businesses can be transitioned to function remotely. Using workflow systems, time management systems and video conferencing for meetings can help your business to operate just as it would if you were in the office. This will massively reduce the risk of yourself or your employees contracting coronavirus.

Communicate with your Managers

Communication with your management staff or teams is more essential than ever. No one ever likes being left in the dark but during times as uncertain as the ones we are currently living in, it’s crucial that you keep your team in the loop with any decisions or changes that are being made.

Keep all Staff Updated

During a crisis, people need leadership so it’s important that you do regular check ins with all of your staff and make sure they know that you are there to support them and the business. 

Step up your Cleaning Procedures

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If it’s essential that you keep your team in their regular place of work or if staff members will need to be popping in and out of the office from time to time, it’s vital that you maintain a strict cleaning regime. Have cleaners come in to thoroughly sanitise and disinfect all surfaces and objects within your business space. Pay particular attention to elevator buttons, keyboards, door and cupboard handles, light switches and any other common touch points. 

Stay up to Date with Federal Relief

The government is regularly announcing various relief schemes to help deal with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the JobKeeper scheme which was announced recently will be very beneficial to those businesses which have lost 30% or more of their revenue as it will greatly subsidise wage expenditure. 

Contact Suppliers

If your business has regular suppliers, then it’s best to contact them as soon as possible and inquire about any potential disruption that may be caused to their supply chain and how it may affect your services. As China is such a large manufacturing hub and has been so heavily impacted by Coronavirus, there may be an impact for your suppliers, or their suppliers and so on. 

At Allsafe Insurance Brokers, we specialise in finding you an insurance policy that will protect your business. We are here to provide advice and support to our clients during these challenging times. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!